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Bag & Jewellery & Accessory 
Item Value $0-$1,500: $220 Flat Rate
Item Value $1,501-$12,000: 12% + $50
Item Value $12,001 PLUS: 10% + $250

Each Item: 18%

*Please note items weighing more than 3kg or has any part of its dimension (Length, Width, or Height,) longer than 40cm requires $200 extra handling fee.

All Prices above are listing prices. Consignor receiving prices are to be calculated based on the rates above. EMIER will not alter listing prices unless requested or agreed to by consignor. In the event of price drop request by consignor, commission fee will be calculated according to the agreed Rates and Fees based on the Sold Price.  


Payment to consignor will be made 7 days after the item has been sold and delivered (on Tuesday/Thursday, normally it takes at least 2-3 weeks from the item sold). Notification will be sent once payment is processed. Please allow 24 hours for payments to reflect in the Nominated Bank Account. Bank Account must be provided to EMIER when Consignment Contract is signed. Please make sure all numbers are correct. EMIER is not liable for lost funds if consignor has provided incorrect account details.

-Consignment Period

EMIER requires a minimum of 6 weeks to sell the item exclusively. Early Termination will incur FULL AMOUNT of consignment commission charge. At the end of the 6 weeks consignment period, unsold items can be collected by consignor Free of Charge. Items will be checked and authenticated before listing and must be in possession of EMIER during the consignment period.

We accept all authentic bags and accessories (exclude vintage) from our Approved List in excellent or great condition, once we receive your items and run through our authentication process. Please note if you submit an item to us that is later deemed not authentic by our team of authenticators, we will charge a fee of AUD 200 to post the item back to you. This is to cover time spent authenticating your item, third party authentication costs and postage.

We will appraise your item taking into consideration the following factors:
Wear & Tear: Visible tearing, water damage and discoloration
Exterior marks / Scratches: Scratches and marks are assessed
Pen Marks: Noticeable pen marks will be declined
Missing embellishment: Bald spots from missing embellishments
Seasonal/Style: Items deemed to be out of season/style

Before uploading the photos below, please note:
We require a photo to be taken of all sides of the item, including photos of all the tears/wears of the item, serial number.
Photos should be taken in a well-lit area, free of cluttered surroundings, under natural sunlight or natural lighting.
Misleading information will result in an inaccurate quote.

You can consign with us by Mailing in or Drop Off at Showroom:
Mailing In: Mail your items to EMIER. Contact us to get available parcel locker or postal address.
Drop Off At Showroom: Bring your items in to our Showroom in Melbourne after the consultation. Please submit the Consignment form below and contact us to make an appointment.

For detailed information about consigning with EMIER, please go to Consignment Guideline. Please do not hesitate to contact Us if you have any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

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